Asia is one of those beauties you’d think would have found the right guy a long time ago, but she just hasn’t had the luck. Maybe her lack of luck is your personal miracle. Asia may just be the perfect girl for you and you the perfect guy for her.

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 0in

Weight: 105 lbs

Cup Size: C Cup

Ethnicity: Asian

Language: English

Nationality: USA


Asia Loves Being Somebody’s GFE in Vegas!

So, you’re looking for a girlfriend? Well that just works out swimmingly, doesn’t it. Why? because I’m looking for a guy. A real guy. I guy that likes to have fun and is down to just get out there and try new things. But I don’t want some dude that is just trying to use me. Nope, I’ve been down that road before and I’d like to avoid doing that again any time soon. Might have been fun for a little while, but then it just crashes and burns. Kind of why I’m one of the GFE escorts now. I get to meet new dudes and most of them (at least from what I can tell) aren’t trying to do that. Sure, most guys coming to Vegas who are checking out the Las Vegas girls do want something in return, but you are different. Know how I can tell? You’re looking at me to give you the Las Vegas girlfriend experience.

We Were Meant To Be Together

So let’s go out have a date, what do you say? I mean I know we are going to have fun. Ha, how can’t we have fun with a girl like me and a guy like you. That’s basically just built for fun. But maybe we experience something more than that. Maybe we find out that we truly are meant to be together. Or, maybe we just turn out to be really great friends. Just one of those things you never really know until we go out and try it. But I’m game to give it a try, how about you? Might be the best decision we’ve ever made.


Does shopping at Target count? Because if it does, that is my thing to do. I can go into the store to find a birthday card and, $500 later and a whole bunch of randomness inside of my cart, I’m finally leaving the store. Of course, I usually end up forgetting to get that birthday card, but hey, just means I get to go back. Guessing that isn’t what they mean by hobbies. I do play the piano. Parents had me go to lessons like every day for forever. When I was younger I kind of fought it, but now I’m really glad they had me learn. Really changed me and I can play whenever I feel like. It’s relaxing.