Brazil is the perfect example of a beautiful woman who simply is unable to find the perfect guy because far too many guys assume she’s already taken. Well, she isn’t and she’s looking for the right man, not only for a girlfriend experience¬†but to be her one and only.

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 1in

Weight: 107 lbs

Cup Size: C Cup

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Latino

Nationality: USA

Language: English


I Can’t Wait To Meet You!

I’m often chastised for saying this, but sometimes being beautiful is a curse. Please don’t take that the wrong way because I really don’t want it to sound like I’m complaining. I love my parents and they made me who I am today. But it’s kind of like that story about King Midas and his golden touch. Eventually, he couldn’t touch anything he loved and everyone had to stay away. People are often like that with me. They assume I’m taken and stay clear. The only guys who actually come up are those guys you really don’t want to spend time with (you know those cocky guys at the bar who think they are the best thing to ever happen on the planet?). Well, I’m not, and I’d really love to find a guy who recognizes me for me and who also loves what I have to offer on the inside and not just what I look like on the out.

Your Vegas GFE Girl Is Here

I’m glad you’ve been looking for Vegas GFE escorts. It can be tough out there, I know. Sometimes we all just want to feel loved and cared for, even if it is just for a few hours. Amazing how we have come to this point sometimes. It is also why I love being one of the Vegas call girls who offers the GFE experience. It isn’t that I just like to spend time with guys like you, but because I’m always hopeful that you might be the perfect guy for me. I really do take this as a real date and a date with a guy like yourself who might be my love.


I love to dance. I’ll dance to any kind of music. Pull out a random jazz album and I’ll figure out a way to dance to that as well. I just can’t stop my body from moving and I want to be moving to the rhythm. I’m also into checking out new and local musicians. I kind of take a small amount of pride in seeing concerts and learning about musicians before they make it big. One of my favorites? I was seeing Lady Gaga in New York night clubs performing for small groups of people way before she ever blew up (she did ascend faster than most though). But with a voice like hers, you just knew she was going to make it.