Looking for a beautiful blonde to maybe call your very own? Well guess what, Dakota might just be the beautiful woman you have been looking for. She’s not looking for one night stands. She wants something meaningful that lasts.

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5ft 0in

Weight: 107 lbs

Cup Size: D Cup

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: USA

Language: English


Tell Me What You Really Want

Are you searching for love? It’s alright, you can tell me. I know, it can be a bit challenging to want to open up and tell someone you don’t even know about your desire to find someone. It isn’t even really talking about your love life. It is almost talking about something much deeper and important. Mentioning in passing your love life is kind of a shrug of the shoulder. Talking about true love is much different as it is much more meaningful and lasting. It is why I’m one of the girls in Vegas that provides a GFE date. Not sure what that is? It stands for girlfriend experience. It is where I’m basically your girlfriend for the evening or for however long you need. But I’m so much more than that. I’m not just acting or pretending. I’m actually your girlfriend. Kind of think of it as a dry run to see if the glove fits.

We Will Do What You Want To Do

I’m always up for just about anything on a first date. I don’t like to just sit around or tell my date what to do before we’ve ever even met yet. I think that is kind of rude for girls to automatically mandate what I guy wants to pick out for a first date. My thinking is, you can really learn about someone and what they like by what they decide to do. Who knows, you might have a much better idea for what to do than what I’d ever come up with. So I’m up for just about anything and I’ll give you your Las Vegas GFE. However, lets find out if we can be something more than that. Maybe we have a special future ahead and it is just going to call to use. Our date together might be the beginning of something truly wonderful.



Hobbies: I’m a big jogger. Can’t start my morning off without a nice jog. Really just refreshes me and helps get me started right. I am a been of a wine fan and I love to learn about the different kinds of wine made around Las Vegas and the rest of the West Coast. I’m always looking to check out new wineries and just spend some time in these different locations. I’m also a fan of Renaissance painting. There’s something truly beautiful about these old masterpieces. I can spend days at a time wandering around an art museum.