Did you know that Phoebe is the name of the Geek moon goddess? Wait… I meant Greek Moon Goddess! I’m more like the geek goddess, though!

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Height: 5ft 3in

Weight: 112 lbs

Cup Size: DD Cup

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Language: English

Nationality: USA



Yes I’m Sweet As Candy

Growing up, I always just kind of assumed I’d find a guy and we’d settle down, have a family and just do that thing we’re all suppose to do, right? I kind of had like this time table where I’d be married at such and such age, kids and this age, house and family vacations to Disney by that year. Funny how life never, ever, listens to plans. I’ve kind of busted up that time table. Not even close. Unless I start dating Goofy or Donald Duck (we all know that thing he’s got going on with Daisy isn’t going to last), I don’t invision family vacations to Disney anytime soon either. Are you in the same boat? Must be if you’re here. Or you’re at least just not happy at all with what is going on with your life. And I feel you there. Maybe we can work on that and just have something special with each other?

Being a GFE Escort Is Totally Fun

I know, people kind of think it odd to look towards Las Vegas GFE escorts for a course of potential love and companionship. I think it is one of the most sane things someone can do. It works both ways. I already know you’re looking for girlfriend material, it’s why you’re booking me, and I’m looking for an eventual guy. You’d never learn that about someone online or even in person for who knows how many dates. We’re basically ahead of the game already. Just because I’m one of the Vegas call girls doesn’t diminish it in the slightest. In fact, it just speeds up the process.

I really want to experience the sweetness in life. I’ve meet some fun people offering my GFE Vegas package, but I haven’t found Mr. Right just yet. Or, now that you’re here, maybe I have.



I love a good pool party, but than again who doesn’t? I just like to be out in the sun, enjoying myself. One of the many reasons why I moved out here to Vegas. ‘Course, I never would have thought it would so hard to meet a guy in this city. When I do go out on dates, I’m kind of a traditional girl of dinner and a movie, but I’m pretty flexible and down for whatever. At home I spend time with my dog. We’re the best of friends and I don’t know what I’d do without her. If you’re going to date me you have to be a dog guy.