Stop looking for love when it is right in front of you. Trisha is waiting for you to give her a call. Maybe the two of you can become something special.

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5ft 3in

Weight: 116 lbs

Cup Size: C Cup

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: African American

Nationality: USA

Language: English


Let’s Make Something Fun Together

Love is so fleeting, don’t you think? At one moment you think you’re in love with someone, the next moment they just stick you in the back. So, maybe I should say love is some bullshit. But you’ve got to take the good with the bad, and all I want is a guy who can give me more bad than good.

Do you have much experience with girls doing the same? I’ve heard some stories with other guys I’ve been on dates with. It’s funny how many people out there just wants to find someone who cares for them and treats them right, yet there are so many other people out there or just takes people for granted. I can promise you I won’t be taking anyone for granted.

I’m A Little New At This

Now, I haven’t actually gone out on all too many dates. Still a bit new at offering the girlfriend experience Las Vegas call girls offer up. I have a girlfriend who has been doing this for a few years and, wouldn’t you know it, she’s actually married to one of the guys she went on a date with. Not even kidding you. They’ve been hitched for maybe five years now, have a kid, a house and just a dream life. She’s also probably the happiest person I know. Kind of gives me hope and it is why I’m one of the GFE girls Vegas is known for. I just want to have what my friend has and what so many other people out there wants. Yeah, I’m one of the call girls Las Vegas advertises for non-stop. But you know what? I want so much more and maybe we both can be that special someone.


I love sports. A sports gal through and through. Kind of wish more people took hockey serious around here, and I’d kill for a pro football team, but I’m really a fan of just about any sports. I’ll sit in front of a television and crush a few beers while smashing a burger before work sometimes (course I work my ass off the next morning at the gym to keep this figure). When I’m not doing sports I’m prepping my fantasy team and trying to do whatever I can to take on the guys this next season. I’m a three time champion of my fantasy football league (although I won’t tell you how many years I’ve been playing). Maybe if we hit it off I’ll let you into my league.